An app to track ARK ETF stocks supported on T212

Hello all. I like to keep tabs on ARK Invest’s movements and also which stocks I can purchase on my T212 ISA account, but it was becoming tiring doing this manually from cross-referencing the intraday trading reports and the T212 app. Long story short, I ended up making an app to automate it! Here’s the link for anyone else that is interested:

I hope others here might find it useful.


That’s quite nifty. Good to see it’s picked up the Shopify addition already!

bookmarked it :wink: but i’d contest some of the info there. e.g. within ARKG Arcturus is certainly available in T212 and also in ISA. double check your code and what you’re using to compare?

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Good point. Off the top of my head, the following are on T212 although a couple are under different tickers/listings: TREE, NTO, ONVO, ADYEN and TAK.

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Thanks for the feedback! It’s because ARK reports some ticker symbols using 2 parts (e.g. ARCT UQ) and that doesn’t exactly match the ticker symbol on T212 (e.g. ARCT). I’ll probably make a small modification so that it only compares the first part if there’s a space in the ticker symbol.

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I’ve just made that small update so it should hopefully be more accurate now.

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I use NTO - Nintendo German Listing for my ARK pie.
Good and clean work on your website. I like it. :+1:t2:

exactly. but good work for sure. i know the pain of updating it manually. do that every weekend :stuck_out_tongue: