And while all eyes were on ABNB, WISH and DASH

Wunong Net Technology Co Ltd (NDAQ:WNW) IPO’d and was added on Tuesday at the humble price of $10.35…

…and has gained by 450% in two days, with a further 21% percent in AH last night.

Will be interesting to see if this is a P&D, which I actually doubt. But a reminder to everyone looking for a quick buck on a big name IPO that they aren’t the be all and end all and that it can really pay to do some DD now and again.

Congrats to anyone who saw this coming. I personally missed it but do tend to look into the more obscure (non-pharma) IPOs ahead of time. Alas my new child has cost me large this time :wink:

About Wunong Net Technology Co. Ltd

Wunong Net Technology Co. Ltd operates as an e-commerce company retailing food products. The Company sells green food, organic food, heritage food products, pollution-free products, and more. Food safety, product quality and sustainability are the company’s core values. Wunong is committed to providing their customers with safe, high-quality, nutritious, tasty and non-genetically modified food products through their portfolio of trusted and well-known suppliers.


I can imagine everyone will now DASH to get in and WISH that continues up, but people will bet their homes on it and it’ll dump hard leaving them to look at ABNB.


That’s got to be one of the fastest X10

106.75 :crazy_face:

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Is it maybe fairly illiquid?

Another 135% today.

Overall 1,240%. Wooft!

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