Any Biotech ETFs in the pipeline?

Hey guys,

First post. Sorry if I’m skipping out on some posting rules. I would like to invest in biotech, but this isn’t an area I specialise in so would be great to have some ETF for it.

I used this link as a guideline

I tried finding any of them through common denominator of biotech but was not able to do so. There are individual companies, but again not my technical expertise. There are ETFs specific to healthcare though and I’m sure there is a big degree of overlap.

Great app otherwise.


These are the biggest three from that list so addition of any would be great:
IBB iShares Nasdaq Biotechnology ETF
FBT First Trust Amex Biotechnology Index

ETFs have to be EU compliant. Here you find more information and on the same website you can search for similar ETFs that you want.

Ok, thanks for the information. Are these compliant?

iShares Nasdaq US Biotechnology ETF
Invesco NASDAQ Biotech UCITS ETF

They are all US centric, I could not find any ETFs specifically for EU companies.

If it has UCITS in name yes. More ETFs on “bio” keyword.