ARK Invest ETFs


They are great, but they are not UCITS ETF’s, so won’t be added to the European platform for now.

Vanguard and Ishares Offee the exact same ETFs as them and Vanguard and Ishares are the best ones and have the best returns

@sean17436 which ones are exactly the same?
Are they also active ETFs with the same stocks?

All ETFs and Index’s follow the exact same stocks ! That’s why there’s isn’t lots of companies who make them as there isn’t the need as they all track and hold the same thing

But these are active ETFs… a bit like funds.

Can I have a list of ETFs by Vanguard and iShares similar to ARK ETFs

Are they available on T212, I was able to find a iShares Robotics ETF but that’s it

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I don’t think there are equal alternatives as of now. RBOD and ECAR and etc are good for now but they still do not cover the whole turns of the future.