ARKG request asap

Hey. Could you add ARK Genomic Revolution ETF (ARKG) Stock Price, News, Quote & History - Yahoo Finance asap!

I wasn’t aware ARKG was UCITS compliant so could be sold to European Investors :man_shrugging:


You know you can also buy Intellia Therapeuteics, CRISPR Therapeuteics, Beam Therapeuteics, etc. directly, right?

Yes, add ARKG. And asap! Thanks for showing us this new and unknown ETF.

Fun mode off. :slight_smile:

With this request, what is the total number for Ark ETFs requests?

T212 suggestion:
Perhaps pinning a message or the Ark topic could help to avoid the constant requests for the Ark ETFs. Or teach people how to use the search feature in the T212 forum.


An article from 2018 about this:

Maybe a message that pops up as someone is writing a post if they include “ARK” anywhere :smiley:

@erimer123 as per the link shared by @RLX, you’ll see that many US-domiciled ETFs aren’t currently available to retail investors in the EU/UK.

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ARK ETPs? :wink:

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