Average spread on a stock

It would be good on the cfd platform if the average spread for a stock was more transparent.

For example tesla has very little spread, in and out of hours. However something like a coinbase has really bad spread, and if out of hours ive noticed has a spread of over 10% and if you have a stop loss it just executes a 10% spread.

This would allow me to only have stop losses on stocks in trading hours or not at all on stocks with a bad spread.

Is this a function that can be built for transparency?

Hey, @bmbm365 :wave:

We have a dedicated tab that shows the average spread for a predefined period of time on our CFD Instruments Page here.

I understand your point, the spread during extended hours can indeed widen significantly. While this depends on the market conditions and is beyond our control, I’ll pass your feedback onward and will let you know if an Average Spread tab is added to the app in the future :pray: