Baba German Listing

Hi all,

Just a quick question, sorry if it is a daft one, fairly new!

I have read a lot about the possibility of Baba being delisted from the NYSE but see there is also a listing on the German exchange, if they were delisted from the NYSE would that mean I would be unaffected if I had bought on the German exchange?


Hi Michael,

The question would need to consider why it might be delisted from the NYSE, as that could have knock on effects to other listings.

I was going to reply with something similar but its not straight forward really.

If the SEC decide to delist BABA off their exchnage you may find other exchanges would follow depending on the circumstances and reasons why.

Technically yes the German listing should be fine, the US/SEC are complaining over not having access to finanical audits and some of this could be political also in my eyes but its hard to know for sure how secure chinese investments are from the outside.