Best Gold Stocks to hold wealth

What are the best gold stocks on Trading 212?

I would personally hold physical gold.

It’s quite risky or expensive to do so… what’s the advantage?

It doesn’t have to be expensive. You can buy various coin/bars in various sizes. I have a good relationship with a local dealer and I buy gold and silver much closer to the spot price than on eBay or other online sites. I can buy and sell very easily. Literally anywhere, every town or city will have jewellers or dealers.

Gold and silver are completely private investments, which is great and tax free.

It is easy to store, just don’t tell everyone about it and you’ll be fine. I don’t tell anyone where I keep it. Once you start stacking, you can get a safe and/or get creative.

There’s no maintenance costs, fees, or storage costs to keep it at home. Or very low costs if you choose to have it stored professionally in storage.

The whole idea with gold and silver is to protect your portfolio against times of crisis. So I’d rather hold it, than hold a paper contact. There’s no middle man when you physically hold gold, no holding company can go bust, you don’t have to worry about potentially fraudulent activity, hackers or identity theft. It’s a good to have some assets protected against digital threat.

It’s an insurance, if you ever need to sell it, it’s available.

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My favourite is Franco Nevada Corp (NYSE: FNV). I have asked for it to be added on the platform 9 days ago. Hopefully will be able to trade it here soon.
It is a gold streaming/royalty company that has been outperforming the price of gold and the gold mining index for a decade. You can find a lot of favourable analysis about it:

I found this article to be quite informative for gold investments in genereal: