Best S&P500 ETFs

Hi, since we don’t have VOO and SPY, what’s the next best thing?

1)Among the different ETF providers, is there anything to know? Invesco, Vanguard and iShares
2)Dollar, Euro, or Pound versions?

Invesco SPXP vs SPXS / Vanguard VUSA vs VUSB / iShares CSPX vs IUSA vs CSP1

PS asking from a tax and growth standpoint

I’m not the best to answer, other that CSP1 is accumulated and the VUSA/IUSA is distributed. I was trying to figure out how were they had performed using Freetrade back at the end of December overall. (Not that past performance is future)

Both an 84% increase on IUSA and VUSA. So price per share basically.