Best way to learn 'cfd trading'

I’m new on here and it took me a few weeks but I finally understand about stocks, isas etc, I enjoyed learning about it, but I feel I need to level up a bit and get to grips with the ‘cfd trading’

I’ve no intention of using real money for the short term at least but at some point i’d like to.

I’ve had a go on the practice account and i’ve made a bit of profit but I only half understand what i’m doing

WHat’s the best way to learn? Read about it on here? watch youtube videos? stick with practice money?#


I suspect most responses will advise against this, as the House almost invariably wins.
Leverage will ensure the (pretty much inevitable) loss is amplified to a point you may not fully anticipate.

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  1. Google how many people consistently make a net profit long term from CFDs.
  2. Try things out on your practice account first - come up with your ‘strategy’ and stick to it - does it work, and if it does work, why does it work and can you stick to it / what is the risk/reward ratio (chance of it going wrong vs potential).
  3. If 2 is successful, do you think you could replicate the same consistently in real money - most people cant long term.

Good luck!

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It’ll be months before I use any really money, I won’t be rushing in, but what’s the difference between the cfd trading in here and the copy trading in e Toro?

Is it basically the same thing?

You ever heard the phrase “learn by doing”?

Well CFDs are more like “learn by don’t-ing”.

Sums it up nicely, there’s more than sufficient risks in normal investing to keep me awake at night :rofl: than to add CFD’s to the mix.

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It would have made more sense for the UK prime minster to increase the minimum age limit for CFD’s every year than their proposed strategy for cigarettes :thinking:


You’ve been warned then OP :slightly_smiling_face:
You’d be going long on Destitution (Ticker: DES)

I respect the dangers completely, I won’t be depositing any money any time soon, I’m gonna stick to learning and see how I get on

I don’t know about in general, but I think brokers are forced to clearly indicate the ones for their platform.
This is what is currently indicated on the T212 website:

Let’s assume it is a typical percentage/“success rate” and 81% of people lose money across all platforms… @Liam it doesn’t seem like an easy place to learn and subsequently profit. It’s probably best for most of us to stay as far away as we can :slight_smile: .

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