Bitcoin constant suspension

Every time I go past the crypto currency tab bitcoin is usually always suspended, read that back in 2017 alot of investors lost money due to it. Just wondering why this happens? Also can there be a function to remove crypto from the top winners and losers tab since they are always there and take up space.

@Vanillapop CFDs usually get suspended if there haven’t been any quotes for a certain period of time. If you happen to look at cryptos during the evening, this might happen from time to time due to lower liquidity, thought it definitely isn’t something usual.

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I am completely new to this platform and I wouldn’t agree to your comment above. The majority of time I have gone to buy crypto when the market seems at high liquidity usual moving in a profitable way- trading is suspended at night on a fairly sizeable portion of the crypto currencies the platform has to offer not just one Crypto. All at the same time in the evening the perfect point to buy for a trader. Something I have noticed in both the practice and real app. It’s also something that has me looking for another platform as that is a red flag for me.

From what I have seen with my own eyes looking through this platform and another at the same time it’s not making any sense to me.

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@Sarah Did you have the same issue this evening?

Hi David

This email came to my junk mail. I have since responded to Stiliyan K.

I will attach the screen shots I sent to him. This has happened on various evenings on across crypto currencies I’ve seen it in dash, bitcoin, lite coin ripple in both real and demo accounts and this morning on Gold minis.

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@Sarah Mini instruments are disabled for everyone, all of the time. Only the regular versions are available for trading.

Okay thank you for clarification, in regards to the issue with crypto is this also the case?

@Sarah Yes, crypto minis (0.01) have been disabled for quite a while now. However, regular cryptos have always been available for trading.