Iota trading suspension

I have been getting this notice on the instrument for a day now. Any reason I’m overlooking?

One of the reasons I have seen posted is that if an instrument has very little - to no trading, on the platform, you may get this response happen. That could possibly be the reason I think.

Oh ok, seemed odd as it appears to only be suspended when it’s on the up or when the amount I have is in the plus. Must just be coincidental that I notice then.
Thanks for the reply

This scares me. Its history repeating itself. When all the crypto pumped a few years ago T212 suspended all of them including bitcoin and people lose a lot of money. There was a legal claim. I fear the T212 have put crypto back on, and now fear that its going up. I really hope that they dont do this again, as I have some trust in T212 and hold various crypto positions. But BEWARE!

They no longer support trading Iota which meant they maintained my open positions, for a limited time, but couldn’t open any new. It would have been nice to have been notified as soon as they’d decided this but they got back to me pretty quickly when I got in touch directly.

My Hertz position was recently frozen also, and it was winning. I had a short position, and then hertz went went bankrupt which caused the share price to nose dive. In other words I was going to make a big % profit.

I eventually made profit but had to message the staff here for them to unfreeze the stock.

Makes me think twice before opening a position nowadays.

By the way it has nothing to do with liquidity. Volume was in the millions.