Bond ETFs Request

Dear Trading212 team,

please add following bond ETFs so that my father can start investing towards his pension. I believe these would be a great addition to T212

Vanguard USD Corporate Bond UCITS ETF Accumulating
Market: London Stock Exchange
Trade currency: USD
Ticker: VDPA
Bloomberg / iNAV Bloomberg Code: VDPA LN IVDPAUSD

iShares US Aggregate Bond UCITS ETF EUR Hedged (Acc)
Market: London Stock Exchange
Trade currency: EUR
Ticker: IUAE
Bloomberg / iNAV Bloomberg Code: IUAE LN INVIUAEE

Thank you in advance!

Just a friendly reminder to T212 team. :slightly_smiling_face:

Good luck… I have been waiting for a couple of bond ETFs for over 2 months, to start investing. Kind of disappointment. :frowning:

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@Johnny I am hoping they can add it soon.

@David Is it feasible? Thank you in advance.

Please also add this version.


Spontaneous bump today

Bump and hoping for these ETFs to be added soon so my dad can start investing.