Boston Omaha Corporation (NASDAQ:BOMN)

Please add Boston Omaha Corporation (NASDAQ:BOMN)


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And make it fractional please! Thank you :slight_smile:

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Pls can this be made fractional. I’d quite like to invest in the next Berkshire. @David

Bump :+1:t3: It would be great to add this to my pie.

@David pls can you work your magic to make it fractional? Thanks in advance

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@Y.M pls can you assist? (In terms of making $bomn fractional) huge thank you in advance

Pls can $bomn be made fractional - the ocd of not having it in my pie is causing huge distress @David @Y.M

@Martin @Rumen :nerd_face: just a reminder I’ve been asking for months. Thanks

:grimacing: please please please please please please

@David @PeterA @Rumen @Martin

Please :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

It’s $1bn market cap so surely warrants being made fractional as it’s now $40 per share

Im sure $bomn will only increase in popularity -
Pls can this be made fractional. @David @PeterA @Rumen @Martin

This is now $46 a share. Pls can it be made fractional :grimacing: @David @PeterA @Martin @Rumen @Tony.V

@Tony.V @Rumen @David @PeterA @Martin

Pls don’t let it be like day 323 and Chris has lost his marbles waiting for $bomn to become fractional. (This is like the third thread of it being requested)

Pls can mode and $bomn be made fractional for pies - thanks

Hopefully $bomn will be made fractional soon then :woozy_face::crossed_fingers:t3:

$bomn to be made fractional pls


And $bomn pls pls pls pls

$bomn to be made fractional please @David

$bomn to be made fractional pls.

@Rumen @PeterA @Martin @David