British Petroleum (BP) - any opinions/thoughts?

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I wondered if anyone had any opinions/thoughts on BP going forward? I have searched the community posts and there do not appear to be many comments on BP. I have about ~£500 in stocks purchased at 324p back in 2020, I am mainly a long term investor and dividend returns have been consistent so far from BP, I could sell now for profit but not sure whether to keep holding. I keep an eye on news/developments as normal but it just seems positive/negative in same amounts i.e. there’s nothing shouting out “this is new for the future” etc so I can’t gauge what to do and when this happens I tend to do nothing!

Any comments are very welcome, thank-you.

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Just keep on holding!

BP is my highest holding and my best performing stock. BP has a big future still and they keep on delivering year on year.

I wouldn’t worry about anything.

But for how long?

Oil will be around for a while, but ultimately is in its way out. How well do you think BP is adapting to that?

They are also into electric and wind, they are have all the money in the world to make a difference what ever they do next. I have faith in the company.

Here were my views couple months back last earnings (from the Shell thread):

So obviously we have hit over 400p (and did briefly in Jan this year anyway) so I think earnings next week will be next big thing, key things to look out for:

  • Dividend raise announcements (above the 4% annual raise).
  • Further buybacks
  • Average oil/gas price realised (Q3 was $74, Q4 should be high $70s pushing $80 I guess)

I also like to look out for their renewables pipeline and capacity, as well as how their EV charging buildout is going. Rosneft and Customers & Products sections are worth keeping eye on too.

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A while could be 15-20 yrs, the problem isn’t soo much about oil but our high energy consumption level.

Cheers guys, all very good points, decided to hold and possibly add more in the future. There is so much data and comment out there about BP which seems to tell a very good story for transitioning the company to Net Zero by 2050 (time will tell). Hope many other oil companies have the same direction and momentum. Thanks Hbomb for info, yes " Fourth quarter results and dividend announcement" due next Tues 8th :+1:

I came across the SimplyWallSt site recently which seems an interesting site and it indicated BP second-rate on dividend payments!..


Meant to add this graphic for BP futures -