Britishvolt IPO next year

It’s early but would be good if trading212 could add the Britishvolt IPO when it comes to the London stock exchange next year

they will try to add IPOs as soon as possible, but it currently relies on IBKR providing it first. certainly too soon right now, but keep on top of it and request again when its within say 2-3weeks and then the day or 2 before. @Joey_Fantana can probably add it to a prospective list in the meantime?

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I think Joey keeps an eye on the IPO list in the stock exchange for what is going ‘live’ that day.

Still the entry point and listing price is likely key here. A lot of private investors will be looking for a good out so it might not be worth investing in initially.

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Can’t help but think this is a scam.

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There was an interesting piece about Britishvolt and Northvolt in the Guardian the other day;