Can we add 'iShares Global Clean Energy (ICLN)' please?..... Is this how we make requests?


Can the following ETF be added to the Trading212 platform?

iShares Global Clean Energy (ICLN)

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Hi, it’s already there.

Oh… there is iShares Global Clean Energy (INRG)… Not ICLN.

Oh apologies, what’s the difference?

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not 100% sure, I am a beginner you see, but in my research ICLN stock keeps popping up alot.

please post a screenshot

thats ‘INRG’ not ‘ICLN’


iShares Global Clean Energy (ICLN) is one of those ETFs that is not UCITS compliant and therefore cannot be sold on a European platfom.

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Thank you for clearing this up Richard :grin:

Fair enough, thank you for this. Ill go and do some homework on this I think :+1:

Richard, are you aware of any new Clean Energy type ETF’s coming to Trading212 in the near future?
What is the preferred way we request new stocks?

You have done exactly the correct thing, just post under the category like you have.
Due to the backlog the timeframe for adding new stocks will be done as soon as they have caught up with previous requests.

In terms of Clean Energy, Richard may know more than I, but I am personally not aware of anything new being requested in the Clean energy ETF field as yet.

Ok great, thank you for this. It’s much appreciated :+1:.

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