Can We Get The Snowflake IPO

Guys, how is everyone thinking about snowflakes IPO…

Still no dates released and looks like it’s getting pushed back untill October

It HAS to be uploaded to Trading212 the moment it is official!

Has anyone had clarification if it will?

That’s not how it works. They can’t load anything based on a date. Snowflake doesn’t have a ticker for a start.

The main reason being that 212 use Interactive Brokers so need to wait until Snowflake is set up as an instrument with IB. Needless to say that will either be the week commencing launch or the day itself. And 212 are very good at adding IPOs.

Do a search of ‘New IPOs’ and review those threads to get an idea of what happens on the day.

That’s an interesting choice of name for a start up O.o

How so? What might you be insinuating

Well given snowflake is now a pretty widely accepted pejorative its kind of like calling your company assholes incorporated.

It just seems odd.

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Can’t say I agree with you there, I think it’s a good one… Sticks in the brain too


You can’t agree it’s a pejorative or you cant agree that’s it’s a bad idea to use one as a company name?

I mean I suppose since I’ve said that “Fat face” is a fairly successful brand along with " white stuff"

This is an exciting one…

“Big data is akin to a blinding snowstorm, but customers wish to visualize and understand individual snowflakes.”

Please add #SNOW.

Any update on this one?

Update in what sense?

It is “have not read the topic, T212 why haven’t you added IPO which has not even been listed.” Kkthx

I have no clue, will throw few bucks at it.

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Oh I know. The lack of Googling is astounding.

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:joy: got too used to your brilliant service @Joey_Fantana no one needs Google anymore lol

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Ha ha dug my own grave. Let me crack out my crystal ball… also known as Google.

Nope… still no IPO date announced. Going to guess in the next fortnight… finger in the air job. :wink:


16th Sept, and yes, it will be requested on the day.


The big boys are joining in the Snowflake IPO:

or could be the 15th!

Priced on the 15th, released to market following day. :+1:t2: