Can We Get The Snowflake IPO

thanks for confirming, will it also be available on the CFD platform

can we get access to these new IPOs?

I’m tempted to dip my toes into IPOs for the first time, struggling to decide which one though, it’s between Snowflake, Palantir, although that’s a direct listing, and, to a lesser extent, Unity. :thinking:

Unity was my choice, and then I heard how much they’ll be priced at…!

Don’t think so.

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Unity will be priced between $34-$42.

Yep, so by the time that retail investors can get in you’re talking closer to $70-85.

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I agree :+1:


I’ll probably put a max price on all three and just see where they open to retail investors. None’s really grabbing me and I’ve a little exposure to Snowflake and Palantir through SMT anyway.

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I always intended to play the Snowflake IPO for a small profit, then wait for it to cool before taking a small position longer term. Honestly I struggle to think of a single recent IPO that hasn’t downturned within a few months. A few still running right now (RKT, BIGC, BEKE) but no doubt they’ll experience it too.

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Will it be added on time you reckon?? New on trading 212 so not sure how fast they are on releasing new IPO’s, cheers :grinning:

They’ve had a couple of wobbles but most IPOs have been added same day. Should be fine.


Thanks for the quick reply👍

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Cloud company Snowflake raises IPO price range to $100 to $110 vs. prior $75 to $85

Too rich for my blood :joy:

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100% no chance for me.

Also, chances are that it will rise like a rocket on the first day…

there could be a decent short opportunity here at the end of 1st.2nd day


Absolutely. I reckon closer to $200 by the time retail are allowed in.

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Will have to pass then, not worth the risk…shame though !