Can't buy gold on CFD

Hey guys,

I tried to buy gold in the past days without success (Maximum quantity to buy is 0)

I’m trying to hedge to protect my short positions but Trading212 effectively don’t let me do it.

Do we know when we can buy gold again?

Everyone is holding to their shares at present, nobody wants to sell.

No problem overhere. Which one did you try to buy? Some of the Gold contracts have an expiration date. Buying those close before the expiration date isn’t possible. Just select a contract for the next month. I am currently trading Gold XAU/USD. Works fine.

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@toobig4u Spot gold (XAU/USD)'s BUY quantity is reduced for the time being. However, you can still trade gold futures, for example.

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Thank you guys for the response,

As I see, Spot and Futures as well limited to 5 in a long position.

The sell / short amount is not limited

@David Just out of interest what is the reasoning for this and when and why does this happen. It kind of throws a spanner in ones trading strategy if we have to trade CFD’s here and then with other providers. Is it a risk thing on your end?