CBBT has been limited to selling shares only

The 99.9’% of other people around the planet :man_shrugging:

T212 is tiny compared to all the trading world. And within the customers here I would say again a small percentage of us held one of these risky stocks (1.4M clients, 600k daily active traders).

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There are more market participants than just 212 users

You can now buy CLIS

How weird well CLIS that’s not PSE as of now


Would be nice to get an update…

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Yesterday it was limited to sell, but someone in StockTwits posted a reply from 212 that its now okay to buy :man_shrugging: $CLIS

CLIS seems to have had it’s PSE removed, as the screenshot in the above post does show it with the status in January.

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Yeah I saw that it actually was PSE and now not, yet they allow buying.

Whilst others that weren’t PSE and still not PSE have the restriction.


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All just seems a bit of a mess and some of it way above my head. I don’t know the processes involved behind the scenes though, so just trying to stay out the whole debate. I do get the frustrations on both sides of the coin though. Fighting a losing battle!

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Even weirder they only just got it 7 Jan…

We know 15 Jan it had the badge

And between then and now lost the badge

Do these badges need more glue? Makes me question are some actually PSE but have no badge… :exploding_head:


Presumably the PSE qualification can change quite rapidly. Whilst t212 could communicate more clearly the bigger problem is customers not having the faintest idea of what they are trading in or the basics of the markets.

The lack of understanding is frightening at times!

Well to meet it any of the following

  1. A price of over $5 per share

  2. the issuer has Average Revenue of at least $6 million for the last 3 years

  3. Net Tangible Assets in excess of
    $2 million if the issuer has been in continuous operations for at least 3 years
    or $5 million if less than 3 years.

5$ /share is easy, just do a reverse stock-split.

Something is cooking:

U.S. securities regulator suspends trading in three more 'meme stocks’

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The wind changed direction yesterday whilst I was walking and blew my hat off. Trading 212s fault.


None wants that sir…

Lets just wait for @David to tell us what are the criteria for stock to be listed. Some of the tickers we requested are both pse and in IB yet not added into the platform

That’s just a case they haven’t got round to it if it’s PSE and on IB. We have requests going back a year. It’s lucky dip what gets added.



Yeah I agree.

Just saying that people assume it is manipulation due to the terrble timing and the Twitterers saying such.

ABQQ was added a month ago. Now it’s been limited to sell only. It ticks all the required boxes i.e. PSE status. I just don’t understand what is going on at the moment with T212! https://community.trading212.com/t/stocks-etfs-requests-add-here/12413/1053?u=sal