CFD Margins remain at 1:5?

Didn’t know which was most apt category in which to place this, hopefully here will suffice.

Question: I know everyone’s prob sick of the CFD margin ratio topic, but anyone know why, in the “instrument details” section of all the stocks I’ve looked at, the margin is still set at 1:5 (and not 1:2)?

It is the stocks that have been changed? Or are they still displaying 20% because it’ll remain at 50% for a v short time and isn’t worth altering?
Prob could’ve just asked T212 directly, but thought If query was answered in Chat, it may save some poor swine who’s just getting into CFDs+ missed preceding threads, from watching their funds evaporate.

If I’ve got wrong end of stick or could’ve attached this to existing thread, apologies in advance (+thanks in advance for any clarification).

I believe that the 75 stocks that were changed (e.g. Tesla) show 1:2 (50%) and those that weren’t (e.g. Nikola) show 1:5 (20%).

Thanks-my mistake. I’d gotten it into my head that was all stocks getting rejigged.

You got that into your head because that’s exactly what T212 said they were going to do! They didn’t tell us otherwise until after they’d finished.

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