CFD Question For Team 212


I was wondering if Trading 212 could disclose who CFD user are betting agest is it Trading 212 or is it other parties such as interactive brokers?

I hope that my question can be answered and be beneficial to others.

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This from filings with Companies House may be helpful.

To me, the phrase “fully hedging all client positions” suggests that clients are betting against one another and against third parties that sell to Trading 212 what they need to remain fully hedged.

I am not staff. It would be interesting to hear comment from them.


Yeah Richard,

That’s would be my understanding too, I’d assume that in simple terms each trade is theodicy matched with an opposing position with an other trader in a local or wider pool.

There’s a wide range of hedging strategies that Trading 212 could be using. I expect the explanation might be technical. But I hope it can show T121 isn’t that into accounts gains or losses.

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