CFD’s to add please

Can you add the following to CFD please?

ACLS (Axcelis)
TELL (Tellurian)
AFRM (Affirm)
CCL (US listing)
CENN (Cenntro)
TNXP (Tonix)
MQ (Marqeta)
VRM (Vroom)
ZOM (Zomedica)



The instruments below are now available for trading in CFD accounts:

Axcelis Technologies, Inc. (ACLS) :white_check_mark:
Tellurian, Inc. (TELL) :white_check_mark:
Affirm Holdings, Inc. (AFRM) :white_check_mark:
Carnival Corp. (CCL) :white_check_mark:
Cenntro Electric Group Ltd (CENN) :white_check_mark:
Grab Holdings Ltd (GRAB) :white_check_mark:
Marqeta, Inc. (MQ) :white_check_mark:


The following are small market cap companies, and we will not be able to add them:

Tonix Pharmaceuticals Holding Corp. (TNXP) :x:
Vroom, Inc. (VRM) :x:
Zomedica Corp. (ZOM) :x:

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