CFD self assessment

Can someone who already make self assessment for CFD account help me a little? Should I keep my transactions data in some spreadsheet ? If yes, what details I need to track?

Not sure if you have looked through this

In general I think it’s easier to calculate gains for CFD accounts than equities - balance at start of year +/- interest, +/- p&l.

The examples in the link should help though.

Assuming you’re in the UK, of course - sorry very anglocentric of me.

@anon86329651 Ok more clear now, but some questions if you wouldn’t mind. Do I need to keep records of my trades in for example Google Sheets? Or does T212 can provide yearly summary of my trades if requested? Or it is my duty to keep all info on my own somehow?

We can provide you with an annual summary, which will include something like

this should be all you need. We can get you a breakdown by trade, but I would hesitate to promise we could deliver this overnight one day before the filing deadline - although we would of course try.

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Yes it should be enough, last days I can track separately if its gona be needed. Thank you very much