CFDs on IPO as soon as they go public

Please can the IPOs: GigaCloud GCT and StarBox STBX be added to CFDs as soon as they go public next week?


Appreciate the suggestions, @jami35. I’ve passed them along and will keep you posted.


Please can you add GCT IPO on CFD? It is going live on Friday 19th.
I know i am requesting 2 days early, just to give you enough time.

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I have been asking for GCT’s CFD upon release, you added yes but didn’t enable trading. What is the point of adding then? I wanted to trade it as soon as it went public, the very first hour is the best time to trade CFDs.
Are you going to do the same with STBX next week?

Well it’s even cheaper now, looks like that delay made you money :person_shrugging:

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Dear Bogi.H I wanted to also inquire as to whether StarBox STBX would be listed on Trading212 tomorrow when the IPO is going to first be listed on the open market. I appreciate how busy you may be but if you have the opportunity to allow STBX to be purchased it would be highly appreciated.

Yes, @IOP - we’ll make it available for CFD trading, only it’ll have to be 1-2 days after the IPO.

Here’s why :arrow_heading_down:

It does say that an IPO can be added on the day it is released if it is popular. STBX is looking to be quite popular online.