CFD on IPO date or Pre-IPO?

1. Pre-IPO: Please can this feature be added. As far as I am aware this is already available on Moomoo, webull and robinhood?

2. CFDs on IPOs: Trading212 use to offer this but no more since 2021, new IPOs are made available on investing but CFDs addition takes 2-3 weeks?

3. STBX IPO: I want to trade STBX CFDs on the release day, please can this IPO be made available on CFD as soon as it is released (if pre-ipo is not possible)?

You might be saying that you don’t allow IPO CFDs on the release day due to extreme volatility but CFD trading is all about volatility, I feel like I am missing on IPOs on Trading212 platform.

For example: MEGL was released last week and was instantly made available on invest but still not showing up on CFD.

Hey, @jami35.

  1. We’re not planning to implement such a feature.
  2. IPOs are usually added later in CFD accounts because we have to ensure they are suitable for the CFD environment in terms of liquidity and overall performance. Nevertheless, if an IPO is very popular and anticipated, we aim to add it for CFD trading on the day of its launch.
  3. We’ll consider your suggestion for adding STBX IPO to CFD accounts. :ok_hand:

Dear Bogi.H could you please try and add STBX for tomorrow when the IPO is released. It is a popular stock and users of trading 212 feel we will be missing out as we won’t have the opportunity to purchase when on other platforms users will be given this opportunity.

Always makes me mad when people talk for others, I bet 99% of users have never heard of this company.


You don’t know what percentage of people have heard of the stock. So you can’t speak for any yourself. I have pointed out that IPO’s like Gigatechnologies has trended online and STBX is trending online. That’s not speaking on anyones behalf. My main point is that I and other people (who have been asking) across several threads want the option of buying STBX when the IPO is released as other platforms like MooMoo and Webull allow users to purchase STBX.

If I want to purchase STBX it’s none of your business. Don’t misrepresent me and change the subject. I and other people who have asked (on threads on this site) want to purchase STBX on the day it comes out. If you don’t care then don’t pester me.

I haven’t represented you at all. You want the stock to be added - thats fine. Saying others want the stock with zero proof - not fine.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting a stock adding, there’s absolutely no need to bullsh!t your way to getting it added is all I’m saying.


Your repeating your strawman. " Saying others want the stock with zero proof - not fine ."

You made that up. Mind your own dam business. I SAID it’s trending STBX IPO LIVE 🔴 STARBOX to $100?! 🌟 - YouTube I SAID there are threads on this website. I did NOT say I represented anyone else. Repeat, I did not say I represented anyone else.

Now take your fake anger and your strawman and go

Oh god a pump and dump on Youtube, well done, that’s all the proof I needed! Starbox to the moon! Wow! Much wow!


I preordered at $4 I sold at $30.

Again I am NOT TALKING TO YOU. Get a life. I don’t like you, I don’t care about your opnion. You misrepresented me and when it finally was made clear to you, you give an opinion on STBX. I made money and I don’t care about your existence in the slightest. Stop talking to me

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Nice profit from $4-$30, what a 6.5x return in a short time?

English isn’t everyone’s first language in hereC but perhaps to avoid confusion:

Could be clearer for other users written as:

That way it doesn’t imply everyone, as I don’t think there would ever be a 100% agreement on here.

I’ve had a few pints but if I’ve missed the point let me know. I don’t trade in these as see the fees as expensive for creating the products and the risks too high for my liking but best of luck with your future deals.