CGT on each single trade or on overall gain across all stocks

Hi all,

I invested quite a bit in the current financial FY 2020-2021 in several stocks.

I have sold some and used the gain to re-invest.

When self-assessment is due next year, do I need to calculate my gain for each stock I sold?

Can I not do a basic calculation i.e.

Opened my account, Invested 10k in several stocks. Sold them and made 20k profit (account balance after-sales -> 30k)

So my capital gain is 20k and declare this on the self-assessment?


Every time you make a profit from sale, it is subject to CGT, even if you re-invest the profit.

So, you will need to report individual sale transaction regardless of what you did with the money.

@Alien is correct. But I suggest also doing your own education on this topic by reading the HMRC instructions. They are well-written and easy to understand.

@Alien and @Richard.W

Thank you guys