Changing my account default currency

Hi i have an invest account that is in dollars, is it possible to change it to uk pounds? Im finding it annoying that an dividends im getting from my uk stocks in the gia come through as dollars. I only opened in dollars as originally we didn’t have multi currency.

My isa in in pounds.

thank you!

Currently, the only way to change your primary currency is to open a new account and close the existing one. If another alternative becomes available in the future, we’ll share the news right away :pray:

The option to receive dividends in the same currency as the stock would be fantastic.


I second that.

I am fairly new here, and when I had noticed that all dividends are converted into account defauld currency I decided to execute all my future investments in dividend paying stocks on a different platform. It’s a pity, I like 212’s functionalities and features, but the forced conversion of dividends is just too inconvenient. Hopefully this will be adressed sooner than later (should not be too difficult to implement - in fact it means REMOVING a step from the dividend handling by the platform).