Charges for Investment Trust - How does it work?


I bought some shares of Allianz Technology Trust (ATT). It says there is a charge (management fees) of 0.93%.

How does it work on T212? Where can I see how much and when I was charged for this trust?


Those charges are reflected to the price by the trust, same way as ETFs. You’ll not see anything on your side (or on your brokers side)

You can check the earnings filings by your trust but that’ll be the cumulative charge they make.

for the simplest of example:
the listing price for the trust you want to buy is $100 (which is the underlying assets value), so you bought 1

in one year, underlying assets rose by 100% and it is worth $200 now. you’ll see the listing price of the trust is: $198.14 (instead of 200, the rest is now Trusts earnings)

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