Clarification re. Stocks & ETFs requests Help

Can I just check my understanding of the advice given in the pinned help topic, is it the case that for a new stock to be considered for addition to 212 it must both be available at the Interactive Brokers (IB) website and be listed on one of the exchanges mentioned in that topic? In other words, if a stock is available at IB but not listed on of those exchanges there is no point in requesting its addition? Many thanks.

Are you referring to this topic?

If true, those mentioned exchanges are the available ones on T212.

Yes, to add a new stock/ETF, it must be:

  • Listed on an exchange already available on Interactive Brokers and;

  • Listed on an exchange already available on T212 (exchanges are mentioned on the above topic).

IB has access to several exchanges, but not all of them are present at the moment in T212. T212 is periodically adding new exchanges (that topic is updated accordingly).

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Yes, that’s the topic. Thanks very much for the clarification.

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