Contract Notes to Excel

Does anyone have a better solution to importing Contract notes in to Excel?

I’ve seen there is a gmail/google spreadsheets script, but I use neither.

Up to now I have been copying and pasting the data from the emails in to excel, but this is laborious and I am also faced with having to strip the currency Text from the actual Totals. So if an instrument cost me: 422.00 GBP, I need to use Text to Columns to split the values.

I am no Excel expert, so if there is a better way of doing this or any other methods people are using it would be much appreciated if you could share these. Thank you!

Obviously ideally we should just have an option within 212 to download the data via .csv or other formats.

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@Scott Message me what you need. Show me the final output/structure you need. I’ll hack something together for you tomorrow. Shouldn’t take long - should be very easy, I hope!!! :pray:

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Thats really kind of you @Finki

I’m not sure how best to describe my requirements and what you’re capable of, whats feasible to code without data/locations but will ping you a msg. Thank you

Maybe show an example of how the data looks in your spreadsheet … then I’ll know how to ‘break down’ and format the data to your requirements…

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