Conversion fees from EUR to USD

Hello all,

Assuming that my balance is in EUR and I would like to buy an USD ETF.
What would be my conversion fees (or any other fees)?


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However, I am not speaking about EUR/USD in the sense of trading myself (forex) but more in the sens of conversion for holding a currency which is not the one from the initial balance account.

If I have my portfolio in EUR and buy something in USD: the platform convert the amount in USD and then buy the underlying ETF/stocks.

Other platform charges fees for doing so - I was wondering how it was here?

In addition, is the conversion rate displayed by trading212 when doing so?

There is no conversion fee. The current rate is used for conversion. You can see the exchange rate in history or you can check it from cfd platform.


Ok perfect thanks for the clear answer :+1:t3:

I don’t know what’s unclear here

@Doydoy I think the confusion is coming from the historical google results.
There used to be a flat 0.5% spread fee for currency conversion on all accounts, that got first removed from Invest account and shortly after that from Isa account. It still does exist in CFD account and currently there is a flat 0.5% flat FX fee on CFD.

The FX fee is a lot worse on other big brokers tho, almost on criminal levels. Interactive Investor had a 2% flat FX fee, they recently moved to a tiered structure. It is now 1.5% for transactions under £10K (still criminally high) HL has a similar tiered structure that ends up being 1.5% for small investors like you and me.

@kali Yes exactly - Some brokers (eg. IB, DEGIRO) apply it and I saw in the past that you had a 0.5% fees here too - As you said google confusion.

Well that makes it clear for me now!
Thanks !