Coronavirus stocks

Hello, do you think of adding stocks of companies that are somehow connected to solving or mitigating the risks/transmission of coronavirus?

I am talking about the likes of: IBIO, APT, VXRT

I have found two so far: COCP and CODX, but would enjoy if more were added.

Virus Stocks definition: stocks with corona virus exposure.
Examples: Protective equipment, tests, vaccines, viral therapies.

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please confirm which exchange each stock is on alongside the ticker. IBIO is not on a supported exchange yet so cannot be added currently.

I believe IBIO is also traded in Germany with ticker 0JVN.

Would be awesome if you get IBIO and RTTR on asap

@chantal perhaps, but which exchange? we only have 1 or 2 exchanges per country right now, so it needs to be listed on ‘Deutsche borse Xetra’ in Germany and also be liquid enough. the US listing is NYSEAmerican which we don’t have right now.

According to TradingView it is traded on “FWB” in Germany. Is that Frankfurt?

IBIO & APT are live & running! Regarding VXRT & AHPI - both will be available for trading after the opening bell in the US today.

We’ve added over 25 stocks with coronavirus exposure since the beginning of March. Some of them can be found in the watchlist New on Trading 212

GNBT can’t be added at the moment since it’s out of our current reach. Nevertheless, we’ll offer OTC traded securities soon. Last but not least, I couldn’t find the instrument which stands for the ticker MSRN. Could you elaborate on that?