Crypto 30 Price Not Updating

In my CFD account, I have 4 open positions of the Crypto 30 (B30) index.

Since about 09:00 this morning until now (about 14:20), the price shown on the OPEN POSITIONS page in the app has not moved from $2,667.60. However, when I open the instrument page, the graph shows that the price fluctuates regularly, but the current price is ALWAYS $2,667.60. I set the period of my graph to 1M (1 minute) and the current price at 14:04 was shown as $2,667.60. However, at 14:05 the price for 14:04 was shown around $2,680 and the current price was still $2,667.60. This seems very wrong.

Also, on the OPEN POSITIONS page, the values of my 4 positions seem to change even though the price is static at $2,667.60, suggesting that they are reflecting the true fluctuating price. Most worryingly of all, the instrument page seems to reflect the fixed price of $2,667.60 for the SELL price and $2,687.60 (the spread is $20) for the BUY price.

I’m new to CFD investing so perhaps I’m just misunderstanding something. However, if the SELL and BUY prices are incorrect then I have the following questions:

  • Is anybody else seeing this same issue?
  • Is the issue specific to the B30 instrument, or are other instruments affected? The other instruments that I have open positions on do not appear to be affected.
  • Did I pay the correct price for my 4 positions?

The website also exhibits similar behaviour.

Hi there,
There seems to be an issue with the live feed for that instrument.
We will look into it and resolve it asap.

This does not effect execution at all. Your trades are still executed at the current market price.

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Thanks for getting back to me.

Are you sure? When you open up the Market Order screen, it shows the incorrect prices for SELL and BUY.

In fact, if you enter a quantity of 10, it shows an approximate total of £1,290.84 for a SELL and £2,151,71 for a BUY. That’s a big difference.

Also, if you enter a quantity of 1, it shows an approximate total of £0 for a SELL and £215.20 for a BUY!

I don’t want to risk actually confirming these transactions to see what happens.

I am positive.

The charting is showing our internal prices and that’s why it’s updating.
The difference in pricing you see is because some calculations use the live price (the one in the app), which is currently not updating and will be fixed in a couple of minutes.

Rest assured, you’re not trading on the “stale” price.

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In case it helps, I first observed this behaviour a few days ago. The price was static at around $2,800.70 (not $2,667.60 as it is today) from at least 22:16 on Tuesday 09/06/2020 until 05:13 on Friday 11/06/2020, although it did fluctuate very slightly to $2,800.30 and $2,800.60 a few times.

My biggest position is 2.5 @ $2,349.40 and the profit for this position showed as £516.60, £604.33, £607.16, £775.04, £862.96, £883.30, £902.27 at various points during this period.

By 19:19 on Friday 11/06/2020, the static price had changed to around £2,694.70.

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It’s resolved now, you should be getting quotes.

Cheers mate.


Yes, that’s working now. Thanks very much for fixing it so quickly.

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