Darktrace $DARK.L

I just perfectly timed Darktrace again, in with 500$ at 400p

not intending to make 100% again, gonna sell at 10-20% gain I reckon

Update: sold at around 425. Can’t recall if this was before or after I heard the news that UK rates had risen.

Tiny % profit but better than nothing. Not intending to go back in anytime soon.

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Darktrace delivers and now panic buying sets in :laughing:

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Seems my view that they underestimated their own growth last report were not far off, 1H trading update today has 50% growth to $190m rev for half year, with full year guidance revised up to 42-44% rev growth (previously 37-39%). That growth would be a FY 2022 revenue figure of $399m-404m

My favourite part is that revenue growth and customer growth figures suggests they are getting more money out of each customer, then combine that with improved churn rate of 6.9% (down from 7.6% in June 2021) and thats a good sign.

Will they be releasing half year detailed result with profit etc I wonder, surely they would as only every year is a bit too little. I know Unilever and some UK companies do half yearly results and then in between quarters trading updates.

Oh and for quick reference, this puts them about 10x sales for FY 2022 with 40%+ rev growth, not a crazy valuation compared to many in the global market.

Dark trace down nearly 9% on insider selling warning. Yikes, glad I banked my gains and bolted when I did.