Bidstack (LSE:BIDS) - [Discussion Thread]

Bidstack (LSE:BIDS) sitting around the top winners today.

I’d never heard of them but they sound very interesting! Facilitating advertising within video games. Surely that’s a HUGE potential market.

Had a quick look around for competitors but couldn’t immediately find any that operated solely in the same space. Got me thinking of Digitial Turbine (NASDAQ:APPS) and how they pretty much own their subsector due to lack of competition.

Anyone aware of other companies that provide these services specifically?

@Finki tried your ETF search tool but BIDS wasn’t found. Can’t believe this wouldn’t be in a VanEcks VG ETF or similar.


Nope, ESPO doesn’t current hold BIDS. Weird.

Similar but not in games - in live tv instead - is MIRI would live inject adverts over tv content … I’ve been in since sub 9p… now 45p. Real potential


Check this vid out: he covered BIDS 3 days ago and has been stacking it for a while, he reviews it nicely. Put it on my way at the time and it’s done well but I just don’t have the dry powder to pull the trigger and don’t want to rebalance my portfolio yet to swing into this.


Any reason why he has styled himself like that? Makes it hard to take him seriously despite what comes out of his mouth. :smile:


There are a lot of rally regarding Bitcoin and Blockchain. Even ARK Invest out it as one number one areas that will grow exponentially similar to Genomic/Gene editing. EV/Sustainability stocks.

Haha no idea maybe to obscure his appearance with a character, but from what he says he’s clearly knowledgeable and articulate.

Think if he dropped the wig etc he’d have way more subs but he’ll do well anyhow if he stays consistent with his output

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Yeah agreed. Knows what he owns and it shows. Maybe he’ll tone it down once the subs increase.

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One of the top winner Penny Stock recently Bio Nano (BNGO)

Genuine question - how do people find stocks such as Bidstack before they get popular and start appearing on forums and similar? It seems to be that they appear on here once they’ve had a nice increase by which point it might be too late for it to be beneficial to buy in.

Bidstack looks like a great idea and I’m disappointed I only found out about it today!

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Well that’s sort of the point of the OP - the Top Winners section isn’t always just where the P&D stocks reside, especially before the US market opens, occasionally you get a peek at something you might not have had any awareness of before.

The stock might be there because it’s had a nice pop, but that doesn’t mean a) it’s a P&D, or b) it’s a shit company.

In answer to your question, I don’t have a surefire way of finding these companies beforehand. The tip off can come from anywhere: newsletters, YouTube, forums, daily life, association to other winners (eg. same sector, etc). Just need to be more proactive in looking rather than waiting for the bangers to find you.

I’ve noticed that about the Top Winners too - it’s quite valuable for UK companies but once US opens they are (often) hidden by the P&Ds.

Nice to get into a UK company sometimes rather than all the smaller US ones which make you suffer via FX rates.

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Was watching a few of his videos earlier today, his subscriber count jumped up by 12 by the time I had finished watching! (I wish my YouTube videos all had that effect! :rofl:) So yeah, he is definitely going to do well I think.

I like everything he said about Argo - a position I have recently opened myself. :nerd_face:


Another top Wiiner Penny Stock Galaxy Next Generation, Inc. (GAXY)

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IMO this normally comes from big catalysts. A kind of big catalysts are government contract, big private companies’ order/contract. For biotech, health treatment, new drug invention, new therapy that could cure rare diseases and get government approval.

With such news it is almost guarantee it will jump significantly the following days. If you could get this info before anyone else do and you could buy before the market is open, It is almost a guarantee big winner. Unfortunately there is no single trusted website to monitor this. What might happen if you are not carefull you might become a victim of pump and dumb…

Also, with Trading212 we cannot trade outside stock market active hours. So even you get that news before the market is open, you will not be able to buy it. When stock market is open the following day, the chance is that the price would have jumped significantly.

A very good example is Greenwich LifeSciences, Inc. (GLSI). This is because they found a new treatment for Breast Cancer. It is a supernova penny stock fly with such an Extreme Price Levitation… It started from US$5.3 to US$129.33 in just a few hours (25.71X).

It happened in 09/12/2020


@Joey_Fantana I presume it’s because he states he works within the financial sector and doesn’t want to be recognised although might just be for a laugh as well.

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Ah I didn’t hear that bit, so could well be. Good spot.

He’s actually quite good at replying to comments on his videos and someone had asked him about his background and said he works for a wealth management firm etc.


Another top Winner, as has been mentioned before it is related to Blockchain
MARA, RIOT (a research site by long term holders) has a fairly comprehensive one pager of Bidstack if you are interested in finding out more

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I bought Bidstack at 6.75p when a random YTer recommended them.

I looked into them and like what I see!

I also have knowledge about the Video Game Industry and saw some names I recognised such as Mike Hayes (SEGA’s previous CEO) and Andrew House operates the Advertisement Board.

Only concern is they are not profitable but they also have no debt as they diluted their shares to make up the Capital.

As long as they don’t make a loss I am happy to hold for 3 years.

Got into GAXY just when it increased to 3 cents a share but believe it wants to get into thw NASDAQ which is $4 minimum to be on. It will be greta if it does.