***Day Trading on T212 - Day Trading not available on T212 (discouraged)?***

The new rules make it hard for day traders to take advantage of the market volatility. With the recent so called risk management policy/rules it seems very clear that T212 are discouraging day traders from joining T212.

Do you agree? Especially with the limits that they have started to put on companies e.g. how many shares you can buy and the need to make request for increase if you want to average down (that requires time) and day traders often are time sensitive.

I disagree. The DMA liquidity is the same as it always was, and the limits are mostly on lower liquidity stocks I believe, in which there is probably a reason for them having a lower liquidity.

I dont day trade, but I wouldn’t use a platform like 212 to do it with only DMA.

What rules exactly are discouraging day trading?
Probably I have missed something.

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