Delisting of CHL - China Mobile

Hi, can someone help me regarding the delisting of China Mobile on the OTC. Since Trading 212 does not have exposure to the Hong Kong market I invested a few months ago into CHL as ADR.

I realized that the daily graph does not change anymore and I just realized that CHL got delisted as relation to China military.

My question, can I still sell my CHL stick on the OTC market or what is the appropriate line of actions here. If I also could get an official response from @David, @George that would be appreciated.

We are currently communicating with our Intermediary IB regarding this topic. An update regarding the matter will be provided within the next few days.

Thank you for your reply @Rumen. I understand that I am unable to process a buy order but I also seem not to be able to sell the stock, which worries me. Every time I try the T212 application seems to freeze and I have to restart it.

Can you provide me with an update on this scenario?

At the present moment, no buy or sell orders could be executed since the instruments are suspended for trading in the US. We are exploring our options at the moment and will let you know once we have more information.

Hi @Rumen, @Tony.V ,

Is there any resolution on the issue with the delisting of CHL. I obviously have money invested into CHL, without the ability to get out of my position. A month ago you mentioned that T212 is exploring options. I am sure that other T212 clients have the same issue. A response would be appreciated to see what my options are.

When is there a resolve? Might there be other ADP-listed Chinese companies also affected in the near future?

Thank you