Different price in different accounts

Why would the price of the same instrument be different in the CFD and Invest accounts?

I noticed that prices are usually (or always) higher in Invest than CFD.

N.B. I am comparing buy prices.

Pretty sure it’s something like a 0.2% spread added to stocks. (Don’t quote me on that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

CFD is what supports the free Invest/ISA side.

@Alien CFD prices are higher than Invest prices since there’s a spread markup.

Thank you David, but it was actually the other way around for some of the stock I was exploring.

@Alien Could you give us examples so we can look into it? I checked 5 random instruments & CFD was > Invest.

From the top of my head, Tesla (on Saturday)

Thinking about it, as it was after market hours, possibly it reflects the price change when CFD trading continues after market.