Discounted Cash Flow Analysis

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I have been doing alot of Value Investing and for realistic valuations, you look at Total Enterprise Value to get an idea of whether a business is undervalued. For growth stocks, Discounted Cash Flow analysis is one valuation method recommend. I please wondered if anyone knows any books, or online videos, or articles, that explains how to conduct the Discounted Cash Flow analysis with examples please, so you have the tools and know how to calculate this? If anyone could kindly help with this i would be forever grateful and thankful for your support, it would be highly appreciated.

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Hi @robertbanking - Aswath Damodaran who if I remember correctly is a professor at New York University has videos and books on the subject.

If you are interested you may want to watch his valuation class (pick a whole series, for example last years undergraduate class) and watch them. They are really interesting.

If you don’t know much about valuation and Discounted Cash Flows or finance in general it might be best to listen to them a couple of times to get your head round it.

This playlist from Aswath Damodaran comprises of 29 videos around 80 minutes each: