Dividend ex question

Can someone please put me straight on this question just to confirm my understanding is correct.
If you own a share on the ex date you are entitled to the dividend payout. Even if you do not still own the shares at that point?
Is there no minimum requirement for ownership span? Seems strange not to otherwise you could in theory shuffle an amount around the market picking up dividends as you go (accepting risk of stock tanking).
Thank you

Use forum search: Ex Dividend Date? - #2 by Etypsyno

You have to own the stock before ex-date, and hold through the night to ex-date then you’ll receive your dividend on (or couple days later) payment date.

There is no minimum requirement for ownership span, you could do that it’s called dividend capture and is a strategy proven to lose you money. It’s a loss-making strategy as the dividend itself doesn’t magically create money and you pay taxes + spreads + whatever broker costs (on T212 that would be FX fee) while not really being in the market other than afterhour on the day before exdate and pre market on ex date


Thank you for answering. Got that, I wasn’t planing on doing that ploy just amazed you could.

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