Dividends taxes

How much percentage do you pay in taxes for each dividend payment??

Someone please it is urgent

Depends where the company is domiciled and if you are investing inside or outside an ISA. You might want to be more detailed in your question if you want a decent answer.


I invest as an individual to different us companies that pays me dividends

As a UK tax resident? In what tax wrapper?

Making some assumptions:

You’re UK resident you’ve filled a W8BEN… you’'ll likely have your 30% DWT reduced to 15% regardless of wrapper.

If you’ve not filled a W8 … 30% … except those “US” companies that are actually incorporated elsewhere…ie Schlumberger in the Dutch East Indies (or somewhere) that pay dividends fee of tax (0%).

Asumming you’re ina GIA and you’re UK resident and you’re not n an ISA… then there is a Double Taxation Agreement to utilise when filing your tax return…

If you’re resident elsewhere… who knows.


Thank you very much for your answers

When creating a new trading212 account is the W8-BEN form created and automatically populated with our details at set up? Or as a new customer do I need to fill out and email it?

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@Lee Link to W8BEN form

and manual

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Thank you for that!! Really appreciated.

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I was also told that when you place your first trade of a US stock you will be prompted to complete this information in app.

Hi Lee, the w8 form is generated automatically during the account creation process. We’ve introduced this optimisation with a recent update in Q4 2019.

If your account is created prior that update, you will be prompted to generate it automatically when you make your first trade a US instrument.


What about if you’re an EU resident that has invested in Irish-domiciled ETFs listed on the London Stock Exchange or XETRA? For example, in my country there are double-taxation treaties with the UK and Germany. I’m aware I must pay taxes on dividends at the rate of 19% in my country, but must I also report earnings in the UK or Germany (based on the reporting country for that ETF) and have the tax office in my country offset the difference? I’m a bit confused.