Does “invest” have a margin call even when you own the stock

I have been using CFD and I’ve realised that this is not what I want to do, I want to invest fully in stocks on the Invest side of 212,
My question is, if I own a stock and paid for it in full and the stock price goes down, is trading 212 going to do a margin call then close my stock like it does on CFD?
Im aware they do this on cfd if you have technically borrowed money to own the full stock so it saves you from owing money on a big loss.

But if I own a whole stock myself I’m perfectly happy if it drops down and I’m confident it will go back up again so I don’t want 212 to close it after a margin call.

Am I right in thinking this won’t happen if I own the whole stock?

Thank you

Yeah this won’t happen. You own the stock you’ll chose when to sell. Regardless of what happens to the price.

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Brilliant, thank you very much!

margin calls occur as a result of using leverage to buy into bigger positions than your funds will allow.

Invest and ISA accounts do not have leverage or allow for short selling so you can rest assured that you will keep both the funds and shares accumulated in the account unless you sell at a loss. The Idea is that you never truly lose money if you only ever buy and hold shares as in theory the price will go up with time (or so we aim for) and either capital appreciation or dividend payments will increase your portfolio value.

It is however a lot slower than trading and won’t make anybody rich in a short span of time.


Slow money is better than no money!

Thanks for the Info, really useful