Does trading212 quote spreads based on a customer's open positions?

Hi trading212 team,
I’d like to clarify if you quote spreads based on a customer’s open positions on an instrument or do all customers see same buy/sell price quotes?

For e.g. if I am short S&P500 at 3060, let say the buy price quoted for me is 3063 whereas another customer without a S&P500 short position might see a buy price lower than 3063?


all customers see the same spread.

as the numbers are what is available in the market, it has no connection to whether or not a position already exists on your account.

Hi Dao,
Thanks for chiming in. I will still wait for what trading212 has to say.


En Germany 30, 6 euros de spread. Una exageración.

Cuando lo normal es 1,5 € el spread, y ahora entre 4, 5 o 6 €

I guess you are complaining about wider spreads. I have raised a question on the same subject but trading212 have not answered yet. I am an active trader but haven’t traded indices futures after the spreads have widened.

Hi Trading212,
Do you want to answer this question? I want to hear an answer from horse’s mouth.


I’m not an expert but I believe that the spreads for certain things can vary according to time of day, for example tighter spread during busy hours when lots of people are trading, and higher spreads at quieter periods

TomK, the question was not about varying spreads at different times of the day or spread expansion tracking volatility. The question was " Does trading212 quote spreads based on a customer’s open positions?" in a way that could put customers at a disadvantage while trying to close a position. It’s a fifth grader algorithm these days.

One would think it should be easy to put 2 accounts side-by-side and check quotes but with prices in fraction moving so fast, it’s humanly impossible to compare the prices between 2 screens/accounts. If trading212 has streaming APIs, it would be possible to compare the prices. However, if they had such APIs I wouldn’t be a skeptic for obvious reasons.

Not explicitly answers this question but I think this answer (check the link below to original thread) involves the answer for this as well:

It’s illegal to mark up the spread.

If you want an explicit answer, tagging @Team212 can help to let them notice this thread.

Thank you, eu42. My question was about CFD trading where the counter party is the broker. For stocks, I’d expect they relay quotes from exchanges.

Yes. All users see the same prices.

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@George Thank you, George. Just wanted to reiterate my question: Does trading212 quote spreads based on a customer’s open positions?

@msanthanam Nope, we don’t. Not sure if that’s even legal.

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