ESG/ SRI options

Are there going to be more sustainable options like ESG and SRI indexes in the app for UK investors?


If you have any stocks you would like to see you can always make a request for them to be added. Doesn’t mean that they’ll go on immediately, could be weeks but at least they’ll know if there’s interest in them.

Thanks! Is there a specific section to go to request particular stocks and would I need to know name/ ticker symbol.

Sorry if it’s obvious; I’m pretty new to this :sweat_smile:

You’re in the right section :slightly_smiling_face:

You can either make one post for each one with the ticker and name (any info of why you like to add) or one post with them all.

if you search ESG or SRI on trading 212 you get quite a list, I don’t know what you’re specifically looking for (we could always help you find the right ETF for your circumstances) but just with the search you probably will get one that interests you.