ETF have fees on trading 212?


This may be a stupid question but obviously lots of funds have fees right, so on trading trading212 are these fees still aplicable or are they somehow factored into the cost when buying?
If applicable where can I find info on fee amount and when due to pay.

Particularly I have recently purchased Fidelity FCSS and looking at maybe Vanguard VUSA.


It’s very strange you’ve asked that; I’ve just had a frustrating conversation with 212 via the chat function and they were not helpful at all.

There also seems to be a delay with the dividend, so much so I haven’t received one on the VUSA.

Fees are generally factored into the fund and taken by the fund from proceeds from the fund without any intervention on your part.

Fees are representative as well from what i understand (if you see a negative transaction cost for example, it’s not actually negative it’s just because of the reporting requirements)

Management fees are integrated in the ETF price.
You can visit a website like to find out what the fees actually are.
Fees are being collected on a regular basis (it might be every day or every couple of days).
You won’t notice anything because they are really tiny.

A bit of both. Just like an ICVC, there will be an OCF, otherwise known as an Ongoing charge quoted on the funds documents they will include standard fees such as management, custodian, audit and so on.

In addition with the ETF you will be charged the offer price for buying units, and the bid price for selling units. This would factor in market trading costs (dealing fees, taxes), along with market spread.

There are no taxes charged when buying and selling ETFs.

An ETF provider like Vanguard deducts internally their fee and costs, including any dividend tax they must pay. But you never see that explicitly. If interested you can find it in the fund’s annual report on the Vanguard website.

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No VUSA or MO for me yet.