[ETF Request] FIVG - Defiance 5G Next Gen Connectivity

Please could I request for the following ETF to be added (particularly from ISA account)

Defiance 5G Next Gen Connectivity ETF (FIVG)
NYSEArca - Nasdaq Real Time Price. Currency in USD


It cannot be added because it is not domiciled in Europe.

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There are so many requests for non UCITS compliant ETFs that maybe there should be a pinned topic under this category about this or a warning text shown during topic creation for this category if possible. It would save time and clear unnecessary clutter. @Team212


Thanks for your responses. Please accept my apologies, I wasn’t aware of the non-UCITS compliance aspect.

Is it possible to check UCITS compliance somewhere? I Googled it (and here too) but couldn’t find one. Checking for UCITS compliance appears to be a lottery. Found a list on ucits-etfs.com did a quick test (say Wisdomtree Physical Gold, already on Trading212) but it’s not on the list.

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I think if you search on justETF it only shows you UICTS compliant one. I have asked the same question as you few days ago about 5G ETFs. As far as I remember there really arent any EU approved ones.

Once the new autoinvest pie feature comes around on t212, I aim to recreate one one of those ETFs for 5G/space and whatver other rising tech that is missing the UICTS stamp.

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