ETF Request - $PRNT - 3D Printing ETF

Please consider adding $PRNT to Trading212 Invest

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… anyone want to drop the bad news?

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Is this why ARK ETFs are not available on this platform either? I was going to request it.



Wait, can someone explain why this cannot be added? thanks

Because it’s not UCITS compliant.
You can learn more by searching “UCITS” on google.

Shhhh… secret… get yourself an account with Stake

They have an error which means you can buy PRNT until they realise their mistake

Thank you! in the mean time I found out more about ARK ETFs, I guess I can make myself a pie with the same stocks in that ETF

Thanks! I’m in Luxembourg so I can’t join for now…

The Pie recepies are already made and are updated weekly. I use the ones from @treeba but there are others on the forum also.
Just go in the app, and search the pie library.