[etf request] qdve lyp6 sxr8

would like to see these etfs from xetra in eur in t212 :slight_smile: thanks a lot!

qdve - https://www.justetf.com/uk/etf-profile.html?query=IE00B3WJKG14&groupField=index&from=search&isin=IE00B3WJKG14

lyp6 - https://www.justetf.com/uk/etf-profile.html?query=LU0908500753&groupField=index&from=search&isin=LU0908500753

sxr8 - https://www.justetf.com/uk/etf-profile.html?query=IE00B5BMR087&groupField=index&from=search&isin=IE00B5BMR087

Hello, @mvince! SXR8 and QDVE are now available for trading!

At this point, French ETFs like LYP6 are in our pipeline!

great :slight_smile: thank very much!!

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